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Care of your window dressings

For many of us cleaning windows – never mind window treatments – is typically at the bottom of our list of household chores. And as with any chore, the more you put it off, the worse it gets, so the best idea is to make cleaning your curtains, blinds or shutters part of your weekly to do list.


Regular vacuuming with an upholstery tool will remove dust and help prolong the life of your curtains. Lined curtains will need to be taken down and dry cleaned as often as you feel they need it – and of course this will depend on what goes in your room.


Most fabrics can be dry cleaned with care. Remove the blind from the headrail and take out the horizontal rods and bottom bar. Ensure the dry cleaner is aware of the special cleaning label sewn into the seam. Alternatively use the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner.


A quick option is to wear a pair of cotton gloves and carefully use your fingers between the slats for a thorough clean. It’s also worth checking out a fantastic little gadget from, imaginatively called ‘blind-cleaner’ which zips between the slats for a quick and easy dust bust.


Pleated roof blinds should be fully opened every week to ensure that the pleated effect is maintained. As with freehang pleated blinds,they simply need to be dusted using a dry duster, but be careful not to damage the pleats by pressing too hard. And a great way to get rid of dead insects that can collect behind roof blinds is to use a hairdryer to blow them out and onto the floor!