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How to choose thermal window dressings

You may be wondering what thermal or interlined actually means? Curtains and roman blinds are generally made up from either two or three layers. A ‘normal’ lined curtain is made up from the face fabric – the one you’ve chosen for its colour or pattern – and a single back lining layer. This can be plain, thermal or blackout. A plain lining will give some protection from heat loss but will primarily help the curtains or roman blind to hang attractively. A thermal lining is a specially coated fabric which will provide increased insulation.

Three layer curtains are lined and interlined – this is an extra lining that is sandwiched in between the face fabric and the lining. It’ll make the curtains seem fuller, hang better and of course provide fabulous insulation. All of the fabrics in Hillarys roman blinds collection can be interlined or you could opt for a beautiful made-to-measure curtain with a thermal lining, so there’s no need to compromise on style over substance.

Parts of your home that are going to benefit the most from thermal treatments are generally hallways, rooms with north facing windows, bedrooms and conservatories. Hillarys has just launched Thermashade, a gorgeous collection of honeycomb pleated blinds that combine on-trend colours with the ability to keep rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. Perfect.

Pleated blinds that are designed to fit into conservatory roofs will help keep in the warmth pretty much like wearing a hat – and roman blinds with a thermal lining at the sides combine to make an extremely energy efficient partnership. Measuring and fitting conservatory roof blinds is a task that can only lead to madness, I would urge you to leave it to the professionals! Hillarys offer a full design, measuring and fitting service. Keep your sanity and invite them in.


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Knocking two rooms into one is a popular way to create a lovely big kitchen – as is building on a glass extension so your room is flooded with mood enhancing light.